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Memorial Day weekend is traditionally one of the heaviest travel weekends of the year and the California Highway Patrol responds with maximum enforcement. But this year even more attention is being placed on traffic enforcement due to the opening of the latest The Fast and The Furious movie .

Memorial Day traffic enforcement by the CHP is already ratcheted up from Friday at 6 PM to Monday at midnight. There is particular emphasis on Highway 46 going to the coast from I-5, travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the party weekend crowd returning from Las Vegas on Highway 58. Air patrols are being deployed on some routes, in particular Highway 46 and 41 between Paso Robles and routes leading to Fresno or Bakersfield. Special emphasis is placed on enforcement of Vehicle Code 22348(b), traveling over 100 MPH.

But law enforcement is even adding more attention this weekend because of the opening of The Fast and The Furious 6. The street racing depicted in the movie oftentimes draws large crowds of teenagers driving tuned imports or American muscle cars to the theaters and sometimes things can get out of hand when the movie is over and the parking lot empties.

In fact, past The Fast and The Furious movies have drawn strong criticism from law enforcement who indicate there is a strong link in increased reckless driving related deaths to the popularity of Vin Diesel and his close knit group of street racers.

Teenage driving has always been one of the top concerns of driving safety advocates. In fact, there are more tools for parents to help their teenagers become safer drivers than ever.

However, the increased enforcement of traffic deaths and emphasis on law enforcement statistics also means that more drivers are being ticketed for otherwise safe driving.

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