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Many truckers believe they are unfairly targeted on a stretch of the Grapevine near Ft.Tejon and Lebec. The area is heavily patrolled by the California Highway Patrol trying to slow down drivers for the 5 mile steep grade at the bottom of the hill.

The speed limit for commercial motor vehicles as defined in Section 15210 of the vehicle code drops from 55 MPH to 35 MPH over a short period of time. Drivers complain that the signs do not give adequate time to slow a large load down from the previous speed limit. While there is a short stretch of 45 MPH to be used as a buffer, some truck drivers have complained that officers are aggressively writing tickets right at the 35 MPH sign instead of allowing them a reasonable time to downshift and slow.

The Grapevine is notorious for the dangers it presents to truckers with brakes that become hot on the downgrade. Officers are often seen in the area writing up truckers for Vehicle code 22406 violations, or even 22406.1(a), a misdemeanor for exceeding the limit by 15 MPH. The state believes that aggressive enforcement of the speed limit on the downhill side of the Grapevine will reduce accident.

Because of the wide variance between the speed limit between cars and trucks on the Grapevine, officers often heavily target motorists driving on the wide,four lane stretch on the downhill side near the rest area using radar or handheld LIDAR guns. The wider the variance of speeds between trucks and cars, the more likely fatal accidents will occur with private vehicles running into trucks. With the extremely low truck speed limit, slowing down automobiles becomes more of a priority as well.

Tickets for Vehicle Code 22349(a) (speed), and Vehicle Code 22348(b) (over 100 MPH) for private vehicles and Vehicle Code 22406 violations for commercial drivers on the Grapevine are normally sent to the Lamont, Taft or Santa Clarita Courthouses.

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