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The short answer is: it depends. Sometimes circumstances are such that fighting the traffic ticket would be in your best personal or financial interests. But if you are eligible for traffic school, you may be better off in some circumstances to just pay the ticket. The question is how do you know? That answer is: you won't unless you consult an attorney who specializes in traffic law, says experienced Bakersfield-based traffic law attorney Mark Bigger.

Before you decide to fight, you need to ask yourself some questions:

How will the ticket affect my insurance rates ?

Other than the violation fine, your ticket may affect your insurance rates for the next three years. Check your policy. Does it include a clause that 'forgives' the first ticket you receive? Next, search the Internet. Look for a discussion board about your insurance company's actions when a customer has received a speeding ticket; you may find a similar case. Lastly, you can talk to your insurance broker or representative regarding how the ticket will affect your rate.

Is the ticket going to result in a suspension of my license?

You will need to research into the amount of points that will be added to your license if you're convicted of the offense. If you've had traffic tickets in the past, you may want to check on how many points you already have and whether any of them have fallen off.

If you potentially face a license suspension as a result of this speeding ticket or if you are a commercial driver, you should probably fight it through representation of an experienced traffic attorney. Your ability to drive may affect your ability to work.

Suspension will more than likely affect your future insurance rates.

Will this speeding ticket affect my ability to make a living?

Individuals who drive for a living need to avoid traffic-related convictions in order to maintain employment. If you are a CDL holder or your work entails driving, you need to look into how this speeding ticket will affect your livelihood.

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