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EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) - A news organization has found that there is a wide variation in the rates of drunk driving arrests among Michigan police agencies. The last year drunk driving arrest rates were examined this Monday and major disparity was seen with the hometowns of Michigan State University and The University of Michigan.

Last year reports show that 620 drunk driving arrests were made in East Lansing. In the hometown of Michigan State University, 54 full time officers were deployed, which averages out to 11.5 arrests per officer. On the other hand, Ann Arbor police made 101 arrests, where as the University of Michigan's hometown had 117 fulltime police officers. This brings down the average to 0.9 per police officer in 2011.

Deputy Chief Gregory Bazick could not clarify the variation. He also believes that the performance of police officers cannot be justified from crime statistics. "One of the things to caution against is using crime statistics as a comparison of the effectiveness of a police department from jurisdiction to jurisdiction," he said. In response to his view on East Lansing arrest rates he said, "Does it surprise me? That's wonderful for them. That's fantastic." Bazick said that some agencies focus on beat patrols whereas others on deployment models. And some communities have more public transit compared to others. Therefore, various factors can be involved.

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