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A driver who has had his or her license suspended has received an official letter from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The letter states the reason for the suspension along with the duration of time that the driver is not permitted to drive.

You may have received the suspension for a variety of reasons, including:

The penalty of license suspension doesn't have to happen. With an experienced traffic violations attorney such as Bakersfield-based Mark Bigger, the offenses that could cause a suspension can be reduced. Also your drivers license suspension can often be fought at the DMV level or even appealed.

The right to drive is a privilege that means freedom; maintaining that freedom includes responsibility to comply with local and state regulations, and the suspension of a license removes irresponsible drivers from the driving pool. If that is not you, you need to aggressively defend your rights to drive. Give traffic attorney Mark Bigger a call for a free phone consultation.

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