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The short answer is "yes." There are several codes for driving with a suspended license in California. Those include California Vehicle Code 14601.1, 14601.2, and 14601.5. In California, there is not only an actual license to drive there is also a privilege to drive.

Even if you never had a license to drive, your privilege to drive can be suspended. It's a difficult concept to explain in a few short sentences. But think of it this way: You do not have a license to drive but you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. In order to ever receive a license, you would have to attend classes, fulfill court terms, and pay a fee to the DMV. Because of the DUI conviction, your privilege to drive has been suspended and will not be reinstated until you fulfill those terms. Therefore, if you are aware that the DMV suspended your privilege to drive and are caught driving, you can be charged with driving with a suspended license for DUI, a Vehicle Code 14601.2.

The consequences for driving with a suspended license can be severe. Depending on what code you are charged with, you could face up 6 months in jail and a fine around $1000. You can also be given probation and repeat offenses include more jail time. A conviction carries 2 points on your record and a failure to appear can make your position even worse.

But there are valid defenses to this charge. An attorney can represent you without you even having to appear in court and oftentimes fight the case or work out a deal that includes no jail time and no points on your driving record. Contact me for a free consultation regarding your rights.

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