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When it comes to senior citizens and traffic safety, perception may be distorting reality.

Despite the fact that senior citizens - persons over 62 - are involved in less than 10% of traffic accidents that involve speeding, one survey showed that nearly 90% of respondents felt that senior citizens were a " major threat" to safety on public roads.

It may be true that reflexes slow for older drivers and impair their ability to drive safely; however, older drivers can also be unfairly stereotyped as unsafe and unable to properly operate a motor vehicle. If your drivers' license is being threatened due to your age, an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Bakersfield can represent you at the DMV hearing.

In California, the DMV may try to suspend or revoke your drivers' license due to a mental and/or physical condition that adversely affects your ability to drive. You have a maximum of 14 days to request a hearing to contest the suspension or revocation after you receive notice of the proceedings. At that hearing, the state must prove that your ability to drive is impaired by:

An attorney can challenge the DMV's evidence, present evidence and witnesses on your behalf, and make persuasive arguments to the administrative hearing officer.

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