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The new Zero Tolerance policy adopted by the Nevada Highway Patrol has the good intentions to cut down on the number of fatalities that occur each year on the I-15 stretch between Barstow and Las Vegas. The California Highway Patrol has also been making efforts to crack down on Vegas bound speeders in California.

The department added more patrol cars to the route to pull over drivers more often in an attempt to get them to slow down and be mindful of their driving.

The police have reported that so far their efforts have been working. During the first half of the year compared with the first six months of last year, accidents involving injury dropped by more than half. Last year troopers gave out 8,000 citations for the same period, and in 2013, so far, just 6,000. Also this year, there has been only one fatal crash on I-15 stretch, compared with four in 2012.

Drivers are warned that in order to blend in with traffic, troopers now drive cars without light bars. Recently, one driver was stopped near Primm for speeding and received a second ticket before arriving in Las Vegas.

But there seems to be something the bright lights of Vegas that causes people to drive faster trying to get there even at a great distance from the strip. Visitors from the Bay Area are often given speeding tickets that send them to Mojave Court in KernCounty.

If you're caught in a speed trap along this stretch of Hwy 58, you can fight it successfully with an experienced traffic ticket attorney.

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