Protect Your Driving Privileges Fight Your Ticket With Bigger & Harman Today

Getting a DUI is traumatic enough without the extra stress of higher insurance premiums, but that's what will happen if you choose not to fight it, according to experienced DUI defense attorney Mark Bigger.

A DUI is a criminal offense, and you could also be facing jail time in addition to higher insurance costs; then there's the added stigma of the DUI conviction itself.

Recent data shows that in the first year after DUI conviction, insurance can increase 86% with premiums increasing to more than $3,000 in some cases.

There is a way to keep your costs down and that is to hire an experienced DUI defense attorney to help you fight back. Being arrested for the DUI isn't nearly as bad as having a DUI conviction on your driving record. It's the conviction that leads to higher premiums.

There are many elements surrounding a DUI that make fighting the case possible. However, a plea to a DUI almost always means huge financial consequences as well as a drivers license suspension. Experienced DUI defense attorney Mark Bigger understands the complicated nature of a DUI arrest and how to significantly increase your chances of not receiving a DUI conviction. Let him help you.

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