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Inyo County Traffic Ticket Attorney

Were you arrested for a traffic offense in the Bishop area? You may be forced to go to the Bishop Courthouse. This is where our Inyo County traffic ticket lawyer can work to protect you firm the consequences of a traffic conviction.

At Bigger & Harman, APC our firm has more than a decade of experience protecting clients from traffic tickets and our familiarity with local courts and judges can be put to work to challenge your ticket. We are members of the California Traffic Defense bar Association meaning we have all the tools needed to overturn your ticket.

Tough Defense for Inyo County

Our firm fights on behalf of commercial drivers along with the average commuter, arguing before the Bishop Courthouse to contest your ticket no matter what is was for.

We protect drivers from tickets given for:

  • Speeding
  • Excessive speeding (100+ mph)
  • Cell phone use
  • Red light violations
  • Stop sign violations
  • Various misdemeanor traffic violations (reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, etc.)

Every traffic ticket is worth contesting, and the consequences of a traffic conviction can be serious and include paying higher insurance premiums and added points to your driving record. Our Inyo County traffic ticket attorneys have extensive experience with the Bishop courthouse and can put this experience to work to fight your ticket.

Retain Skilled Advocacy for Traffic Offenses

Speak with Bigger & Harman, APC if you have been cited for any reason. Commercial drivers especially need to avoid tickets as they accumulate more points per ticket than normal commuters. We fight to help drivers keep their licenses and avoid the harsh penalties of traffic convictions.

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