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Why Do Police Look Up Your Driving Record During a Stop?

Mark: The California Highway Patrol, at least most of the time, will look up your driver’s record and there are several different reasons why they do that. First, it does indicate whether or not your driver’s license has been suspended or something of that nature.

They normally go through the system and the screen that brings up your driver’s record and will show whether your license is suspended as well as other prior violations.

Having a Clean Driving Record Can Help

So if you think you can minimize a ticket you are about to receive by saying that you are a good driver and deserve a break, they can see in the system if you have four or five past speeding tickets or other violations.

So, your plea isn’t really going to work, so it’s pretty important to keep a clean record because oftentimes officers will decide to give you a break when they see that you have had a clean record.

How Long Are Suspensions and Traffic Infractions on Your Record?

Interviewer: Do you know how far back in time do the records go?

Mark: Normally it goes back five years. It depends on which system the officer is going to use. They can go back further if they want to, but normally they’re not going to pay much attention to anything beyond five years.

Your insurance company is three to five years, depending on which kind of discounts you’re trying to get, but normally the officers can look back further, but from my understanding, most of the time they don’t pay attention to much beyond the last couple of years.

By Mark Bigger