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What Types of Traffic Infractions Does This Attorney Handle?

Interviewer: So, what kind of traffic tickets or infractions do you handle in your practice?

Mark: I handle every traffic ticket that includes a point with it. I do tell my clients it’s not worth hiring an attorney to defend you, for instance, a seatbelt violation or a cell phone violation.

In California, Seatbelt and Cell-phone Violations do Not Add Points on Your License

In California, both of those are non-point violations and it’s just not worth having me come in and try to defend you when you’re going to be paying me as much as a ticket would be in the first place. There are no long-term consequences to these tickets.

You Should Hire an Attorney for Violations That Could Add Points

However, if there’s a point involved in an infraction and it will hurt your driver’s record, I will defend you. Whether it’s speeding over a hundred, red light camera tickets, failure to stop, failure to signal, failing to yield right, I can defend you on all those tickets.

Interviewer: Are those the most common ones you see?

Mark: The most common is speeding, number one, and number two is going through a red light, and then everything else is sort of way distant behind those two other violations. They’re clearly the highest violations for the state of California.

Speeding Tickets Are Common in the State of California

Interviewer: Those are the most common that people seem to be ticketed for?

Mark: Yes, it’s definitely speeding, and particularly in a place like Bakersfield or Kern County in general, it’s such a wide-open county. Many people don’t realize, but there are several states in America that are smaller than Kern County. You have a lot of desert areas where people feel pretty comfortable putting the pedal to metal and unfortunately, they get ticketed.

In fact, on the Mojave side of the mountains here, there’s the mountain range going right outside of Bakersfield, you go over the southern end of the Sierras and then you’re in the high desert, Mojave. They write $20,000 worth of tickets a day and I can tell you that almost all those are speeding because it’s wide open.

By Mark Bigger