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Self-Representation Versus Hiring an Attorney

Interviewer: I know this is going to be a hard question to answer probably, but how often are you able to get someone’s traffic infraction where the points are dropped or the fine is reduced, or something better happens than would have happened if they fight it themselves or just plead to it?

Mark: Over the last three years, about 95 percent of the time, I’m able to have fewer infractions reported to the DMV, normally by just getting off the points completely. Some clients will have three points against them, and I am able to get it down to one point. But the bottom line is that 95 percent of the time I’m either able to get a complete dismissal or prevent infractions from becoming part of their driving record.

Interviewer: Well, that’s pretty high. If you fight a traffic ticket, will the court want to punish you more because you fought it or it really doesn’t matter, there’s no penalty from fighting these things?

By Mark Bigger