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Point Violations on a CDL License

Reckless driving and infractions are also two-point violations. CDL license holders, such as truckers actually have a slightly different point count. Infractions are counted as one and a half points per violation.

So what would normally be one point for average drivers is one and a half for truckers. Let’s say they’re going down a hill and they come up on a slower moving vehicle, and so they move over into the third lane. This is a violation in the state of California for commercial truck drivers.

If they’re speeding and the officer pulls them over and they don’t have their logbook up to date, that’s three violations worth four and a half points. They’re not only looking at having to pay a pretty hefty fine and possibly losing their job, but they’re actually looking at a suspension of their driver’s license privileges. They could have just been going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit and then just slightly out of compliance with the logbook and their driver’s license was suspended.

Interviewer: What’s a logbook?

A Truck Driver’s Logbook

Mark: A logbook for commercial truck drivers is, basically, to keep track of where they’re driving and when and what they’re carrying. This is to make sure that they’re complying with safety regulations. This regulation was enacted on a national basis to ensure that there were not truck drivers out there driving 16 hours at a time and that sort of thing.

Basically, the logbooks have become more and more detailed throughout the years as far as information that’s required. Drivers have to note specifically which time they left, how many hours of sleep they had beforehand, what sort of vehicle they’re driving, and what sort of load they have. It’s become much more detailed and the different types of vehicles and commercial licenses dictate what is required in the logbooks.

Police Will Ask to See a Truck Driver’s Logbook

Interviewer: Are you saying the police will ask for that when they stop them?

Mark: Yes, and there’s a lot of police officers, California Highway Patrol in particular, that focus on truckers, particularly along the grapevine which goes between southern California and Bakersfield on I-5. It’s a main trucking route and the police at that station focus on enforcement of the speeding provisions for truck drivers.

Interviewer: Okay. So for commercial driver’s license holders, since it’s one and a half points, that can mean, in a one year period, three violations will put them over. They’ll have a suspended license for what you said even one stop involving several violations that can put them over?

By Mark Bigger