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Multiple DUIs or Traffic Infractions? It’s Not Too Late to Hire an Attorney

We can still probably keep your license from getting suspended. Oftentimes, it is a situation where they’ll then ramp up the fine to an amount that that person can’t afford to pay. The person is under the impression that since they can’t afford to pay, that there is nothing they can do, and so they do nothing.

Then their license gets suspended, the fines keep on going up and then they just get boxed in. As soon as possible, they should hire an attorney to prevent increased fines and suspensions happening if you miss a court date.

Interviewer: Will your license be suspended on speeding tickets or red light cameras, if you wait long enough, or when does this happen by infraction?

Tickets From Traffic Signal Cameras

Mark: With tickets generated from the red light cameras, the notice that’s given to people through the mail is sometimes not seen by them. Oftentimes they’ll find out later that they had a red light ticket and didn’t make court date.

Most jurisdictions will give a little leniency and will not suspend the person’s license. They know the ticket was not served in person. Quite frankly, there’s a lot of due process issues regarding red light cameras and regarding the person’s notification of charges against them. This is due to the fact that it might be a little bit more difficult to provide proof from the state that they actually were served appropriately. That is one of the scenarios.

Taking Action To Avoid License Suspensions

Interviewer: In summary, you mean if you bury your head in the sand and these traffic infractions turn into a suspension on your license, the situation may become worse?

Mark: Absolutely, that’s the main hammer that the local courts have over you. If you let a ticket slide by and it gets to be a month or so after the date, they’re going to put in a notice in Sacramento and ask for you to have your license suspended.

It can be just the smallest little ticket in the world. You might have had a clean record for the last ten years, but that is their way to force you to come in for it and pay up or at least handle your court matter.

By Mark Bigger