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During a Stop, Are you Likely to Get Multiple Tickets?

Interviewer: How often, when people have been pulled over, do they get multiple violations instead of just one thing?

Mark: You know, a lot of this has to do with how you speak to the police officer, but it actually happens fairly often. When it does, oftentimes it’s just because the officer is frustrated with you because you’re argumentative, and so they just write you up for everything they possibly can.

Be Polite When Speaking to an Officer

That’s why it’s really best not to argue with the police officer and it’s best to politely go along. If you have a good record, ask for some leniency because it’s mostly the argumentative folks that end up getting written for every single violation that you can think of.

Truck Drivers Are Held to a Higher Standard

Another thing that comes up with commercial truck drivers is that they do have a much higher standard for driving. Oftentimes the officers are more likely to write them up for multiple violations at the same stop, even if it seems like those violations are not really terribly dangerous. It’s one of those things where they that strict compliance for traffic laws is required by truck drivers.

Richard: Yes, the truck drivers are really under a lot of scrutiny. Are they actually targeted by police, do you believe?

Even Driving Five Miles an Hour Over the Speed Limit Could Result in a Ticket

Mark: Yes, police can target them. Oftentimes the police will have a special task force that will go out there, six or seven officers at a time, that are specifically there to pull over trucks. Basically it could be a zero tolerance day and so anybody that’s speeding by five miles an hour or more is looking at the possibility of getting a ticket. There is definitely much more scrutiny and a lot more pressure on truck drivers because their livelihood depends being able to drive.

Interviewer: I can imagine that if you’ve been driving for nine hours that day, it might be difficult to make sure that you’re perfectly in compliance with everything. If you are heading into one of those traps potentially, high compliance areas, you’re pretty much in trouble.

Mark: That could be true.

Richard: Are there any other serious traffic violations that we haven’t talked about?

By Mark Bigger