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Driving While Your License Is Suspended

Interviewer: So what happens if you’re driving on a suspended license and either you know it or you don’t know it? Now what happens to you if you get pulled over?

Mark: That’s a pretty bad scenario for folks. Often what will occur is, particularly, if there’s no licensed driver in the car that can take over the wheel at that point, is that the car will be towed and you’re looking generally at at least a $1,000 to get it out. Depending on how the impound order is written up, it could be a lot more.

Impounding Your Car

Sometimes it’s a fight just to get it out of impound. The impound order may have be written to hold your car for 30 days while the police do an investigation. What oftentimes happens is that people will have their license suspended because of failure to pay child support. Most people don’t even realize that is a reason why you can have your driver’s license suspended. So oftentimes they will not have knowledge that they actually had a suspended driver’s license.

Driving While You Have the Knowledge That Your License Is Suspended

The other scenario, that the state actually has to prove, is where a driver has the knowledge of the suspended license but is driving anyway. The consequences are pretty big because it’s about a $1,200 fine. It can include jail time, up to six months.

Additionally, there will be an order for the impoundment of the vehicle and it’s two points on your license, the equivalent of two speeding tickets. Frequently you can get that negotiated down to a regular driving without a license, but there’s going to be like a $500 $600 fine normally, but there’s no points on your license and they’re not going to sentence you to jail for that.

So there are some pretty deep consequences to driving on a suspended license, yes. It oftentimes will happen when somebody just blows off a court date and buries their head in the sand and decides not to address it.

By Mark Bigger