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What Should You Do If You Are Arrested For DUI?

Interviewer: Is it wise to journal what happened the entire day before a DUI arrest? Will documentation help an attorney with a defense?

Mark: It’s one of those cases where knowledge is power because the DA is still investigating. He has a lot of cases and he’s not going to look closely at your case until later. He knows you already have everything lined up including moreinformation from your client. You also have a team of investigators in place to get information you need to support a defense.

He’s more likely to give you a good deal at an early stage of the proceedings. He knows he’s going to be in for a fight if he has to contest everything you’re bringing up. You can get a dismissal and everything would be fixed. Yes, absolutely, a journal is a very good idea as far as getting information to an attorney who can look at it and figure out possible defenses.

By Mark Bigger