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What Is The Resolution After Hiring An Attorney?

Interviewer: If you hire an attorney, is there a chance of having a better outcome?

Mark: A lot of people don’t realize it’s not just about being guilty or not guilty. Hiring an attorney affects what resolution can be brought about in the court and through DMV that still allows you to drive. It also affects your costs and fines and whether or not you will be on probation. There are a lot of resolutions, besides a DUI, that will have long-term effects on your ability to earn money or just live your life.

For example, if we can’t get the case completely dismissed, there is Wet Reckless which is not considered a DUI. There is a regular Reckless, called a Dry Reckless, which can lessen your insurance costs and cause suspension to be less or not at all. This enables you to say to a future employer, “I have not been convicted of DUI.” You are in a much better position as far as your job and your future.

By Mark Bigger