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What Are The Consequences Of Pleading Guilty to DUI?

Interviewer: What are the penalties for pleading guilty to a 1st time DUI? Is there any mercy from the courts?

Mark: It’s important for people to realize the overall consequences from a first time DUI. A recent article stated there was a $10,000 overall cost including: $2,000 to $2,300 in court fines, enrollment in DUI classes, and increased insurance costs. Your rates will go through the roof if you have a conviction.

Sometimes you have to put a device in your vehicle which allows it to start only if you do not have alcohol in your system. Furthermore, a DUI causes points on your driver’s license record; and it can involve a two-day jail sentence that may or may not be served at the time of the stop. It can also affect future employment that may require driving.

By Mark Bigger