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How Can I Reach Mark Bigger For Help With My DUI Case?

Interviewer: People reading this book are now convinced they should do a free initial consultation with you. How do they contact you directly?

Mark: Call my office at 661-859-1177. I will give you a free initial phone consultation and then set up an in person consultation as soon as possible. Initially, I like to talk to a person to make sure they bring with them the right resources to review their case with as much knowledge as possible.

Interviewer: What should people bring when they meet with you?

Mark: Most importantly, bring whatever the officer gave you at the scene. Also, I often have people come in and say, “I had a passenger with me. His first name was Jeff and I can track him down.” Just have Jeff’s full name and contact information when you come in. It would be a lot easier on all of us.

By Mark Bigger