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Can You Help Someone With Multiple DUIs?

Interviewer: If charged once for DUI, you’re still the same person. You may go out, drink and drive and get charged with a second DUI. What happens if there is a second case but you haven’t been convicted yet of the first DUI?

Mark: I’ve had clients come to me who actually have multiple DUIs at once. The DUIs did not occur on the same day but clients are going to court at the same time on the DUIs. One client had one in L.A. County and one in Kern County. It would have cost him a lot of money and jail time under normal conditions. However, I was able to plea him out to two first time DUIs, rather than a second time DUI.

This guy had no defense whatsoever. However, we were able to minimize his costs. When he came in, he knew that. He was over twice the legal limit. The bottom line is: With a second DUI, you’re looking at jail and 18 months of courses you have to attend in order to get your driver’s license back. The second DUI can be devastating.

People come in and say, “I just plead that first DUI.” They expect the same outcome with the second DUI. Then they go in, hear the consequences by the court; and suddenly hire me. That’s when I shake the bars and say, “Can we beat this?” Oftentimes, I could have beatthe first DUI. No problem; there’s an obvious defense.

You’d have made it so much easier on yourself if you’d just come to me the first time.

By Mark Bigger