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Were you stopped and cited for a traffic violation in San Luis Obispo County? You would likely be sent to the county courthouse if you have. No matter why you were ticketed, you have the right to contest it; take the first step toward protecting your driving record by calling the trained San Luis Obispo traffic ticket attorneys at our firm.

As members of the California Traffic Defense Bar Association with Superb ratings from Avvo, the attorneys at Bigger & Harman, APC know exactly what it takes to investigate your case and fight any traffic ticket. We know how important it is to maintain a clean driving record and can make the difference for your case.

Our trusted firm can help with the following citations:

  • Speeding
  • Excessive speeding (+100 mph)
  • Commercial driver violations
  • Stop sign violations
  • Red light tickets
  • Cell phone tickets

Even if you are a commercial vehicle driver, our San Luis Obispo traffic ticket lawyer can challenge your moving violation in court. If you are a commercial driver, your paycheck depends on your ability to drive—do not jeopardize your job with a traffic ticket. We have the tools needed to protect your livelihood.

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By signing your ticket, this can be looked upon as admitting guilt for whatever offense you have been accused of. This also means that you are agreeing to pay the ensuing fine which could be hundreds of dollars. Your ticket will also add points to your record; too many and your license will be suspended. On top of this, you will most likely face higher insurance premiums.

Take the time to reach out to our traffic ticket lawyer and protect your record and ability to drive. We know how to undermine the case against you and protect your driving privileges.

To schedule a free case consultation, call our firm today—(661) 349-9300!

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